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The owners of Ourville Park since 1798.

​The families of Coquoin, Gayard, Villault-Duchesnois, Viellard, Giard


  1. 4 Brumaire year VII (October 25, 1798)

Master Langlois, notary of Valognes.

Sale of the Park by Anne Eustache Rose Charlotte Osmond, “widow” (sic !) of Monsieur the marquis of Sainte-Suzanne, residing at Golleville, to Monsieur Jean François Coquoin, magistrate, residing in Bricquebec (In reality, the marquis had immigrated, and he and his wife divorced out of necessity  and then remarried in 1802).


  1. Jean François Coquoin died on December 24, 1831 at Surtainville.

According to the testimony of April 9, 1831 Jean François Coquoin, who married Adélaide Cécile Victoire Nicolle (who died on August 1, 1838) willed the Park to:

2.1 Adélaide Isabelle Coquoin, his daughter (who died single on the July 31, 1834 in Surtainville) for a 12/36 share of the property.

    2.2 Charlotte Cécile Victoire Coquoin, his second daughter, (who married François Bernardin Sorel, Finance Receiver) for a 12/36 share.

   2.3 Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin, his granddaughter (deceased July 9, 1868), who married André Gayard, Finance Receiver, (knight of the Legion of Honor) for a 6/36 share.

   2.4 Coralie Coquoin, his second granddaughter for a 6/36 share.


  1. Adélaide Isabelle Coquoin (2.1 above) died in Surtainville on the 31st of July, 1834 and left her 12/36 share in a will from 04/06/1834 to her nephews and niece:
    1. Jean Félix Léon Coquoin, residing owner at Valognes for a total of 3/36 of the inheritance.
    2. Jean François Antonin Coquoin, lawyer at Valognes for 3/36 of the inheritance.
    3. Marie Virginie Léonie Coquoin, residing at Valognes for a 3/36 share in the inheritance.


The remaining 3/36 of the inheritance of Adélaide Isabelle Coquoin constitutes the legal property of Madmoiselle Adélaide Cécile Victoire Nicolle, widow of Jean François Coquoin.

  1. Coralie Coquoin (2.4 above) died in January of 1838, her inheritance, which is a 6/36 share of the Park, is collected by her sister Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin (2.3 above).
  2. Adélaide Cécile Victoire Nicolle, widow of Jean François Coquoin who acquired the Park in 1798 (see 1 above) died on the 1st of August 1838.

The Park was then divided between 5 different owners:

  1. Jean Félix Léon Coquoin, owner, residing in Valognes, at a 3/36 share (3.1 above).
  2. Jean François Antonin Coquoin, lawyer in Valognes, at a 3/36 share (3.2 above).
  3. Marie Virginie Léonie Coquoin, residing in Valognes, at a 3/36 share (3.3 above).
  4. Charlotte Cécile Victoire Coquoin (2.2 above) for a 12/36 share + 1/36 coming from the 3/36 share legally reserved for Adélaide Cécile Victoire Nicolle.
  5. Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin (4 and 2.3 above), at a share of 12/36 + 1/36 coming from the share of 3/36 legally reserved for Adélaide Cécile Victoire Nicolle.
  1. January 1st, 1840, Jean Félix Léon Coquoin (5.1 above), Jean François Antonin Coquoin(5.2 above) and Marie Virginie Léonie Coquoin (5.3 above) represented by her mother Marie Basile Virginie Heurtevent-First widow of Jean François Louis Coquoin-sell for 44,000 francs a 10/36 share of the Park belonging to them (This act was received by Master Vallemont and his colleague, notaries at Cherbourg) to:
    1. Charlotte Cécile Victoire Coquoin, married to François Bernardin Sorel (5.4 above).
    2. Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin, married to d’André Gayard (5.5, 4, and 2.3 above).

And so, in 1840, Mademoiselle Sorel (born Coquoin) and Mademoiselle Gayard (born Coquoin) become the owners of the Park each one at a share of 18/36.


  1. On September 17, 1859, Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin, wife of d’André Gayard (6.2, 5.5, 4 and 2.3 above) becomes the buyer of the Park in its entirety and thus becomes the sole owner (official report of Master Bringeon, notary at Cherbourg).
  2. Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin, wife of André Gayard, dies in Passy (Seine) on July 9, 1868.


During the division of her inheritance between her two children (André Gayard, Finance Receiver at Loudéac, and Marie Blanche Gayard, at that time a minor) by private agreement, the Park is attributed to Marie Blanche Gayard on January 2, 1870.


  1. Marie Blanche Gayard married Marie Ernest Hippolyte marquis of Perthuis.  She died in her residence, 26 rue Bayard in Paris, on of April 30, 1936.

By virtue of her handwritten will made in Paris on May 22, 1934, logged after it was witnessed in the minutes of Mr. Chavane, a Paris notary, on May 4, 1936, she named her as legatee by particular title, Mrs. Suzanne Henriette Mathilde de Rosalie Villault-Duchesnois (born in Paris November 21, 1908) wife (marriage contract from November 15, 1930) of Mr. Jean Ulrich Léon Viellard, engineer, both living in Morvillars (in the region of Belfort).


Mrs. Viellard’s legacy consisted of “The farm known as Ourville Park, located in the municipality of Saint-Lô d’Ourville, in the region of Barneville (Manche), comprising the house of residence, buildings, courtyards, gardens, pastures both planted and otherwise, fields, grounds, roads of an area specified in the property deeds of 52ha 33a 10ca…”


According to the terms of a deed received by Mr. Chavane, Paris notary October 14th, 19th, and 20th of 1936, the universal legatees of Mrs. Perthuis delivered up to Mrs. Viellard the legacy of the particular title given to her by Mrs. Perthuis, which was accepted by Mr. Léon Viellard under his own name and acting in his capacity as his wife’s representative (1).


  1. Mrs. Viellard brought the domain of Ourville Park to the “Société Civile immobilière du Cotentin” (a civil company dealing in real estate holdings, especially involving multiple owners ) defined in the terms of a deed received by Mr. Screpel, notary at Belfort, on April 29th, 1969, between Mr. Léon Viellard, Mrs. Léon Viellard, Mr. Nicolas Viellard, Mr. Guy Viellard, Mr. Jacques Bodin and Mr. Serge Viellard.  Mrs. Viellard’s portion, in addition to the Park’s farm (rented to Mr. Nicolas Viellard in exchange for the value of 1264 kg of butter and 1500 kg of beef measured by the live weight), consisted of various grounds located in the municipalities of Brucheville, Angoville-au-Plain, Valognes and Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue.

11. According to the terms of a deed received by Mr. Screpel, notary at Belfort, on June 23rd, 1977, the “Société Civile immobilière of Cotentin” was transformed into the agricultural real estate group by the name of “Agricultural Real Estate Association of Cotentin” (in French “Groupement Foncier Agricole du Cotentin”).

12. On October 30, 1998, the “Groupement Foncier Agricole du Cotentin” (610,000 francs in capital, headquarters at Morvillars, in the territory of Belfort) sells the Park to the S.A.F.E.R of Basse-Normandy (deed received by Mr. Reynaud, notary at Valognes).

13. On December 28, 1998, according to a deed witnessed by the aforementioned Mr. Reynaud, the S.A.F.E.R. sold the Park to the “groupement Foncier Agricole familial” of Vicklands, which is comprised of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Giard, Miss Pascaline Giard, Mr. Valentin Giard, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Canuet, and Mrs. Marguerite Giard. In March of 1999, the GFA signs a long term lease agreement for rent of the grounds and buildings of the Park to Mr. Valentin Giard who then established himself there as a farmer.


  1. The universal legatees representing the maternal line, each with 1/10 share in the property (with the exception of Mr. Roger Villault-Duchesnois’s children who share a 1/10th share) were: Mr. Jean Villault-Duchesnois, the children of Mr. Roger Villault-Duchesnois, Mr. André Viel, Mr. René Viel and Miss Marie Viel, parents beyond the 4th degree (see the genealogy chart).  Those who represent the paternal line were the Mr. Eugene Hua, Louis Montaudon, Marie Arsène Pineau de Montpeiraux, Miss Marie Mestadier wife of Camille Mauranges and Miss Elisa Deslignères, all parents beyond the 4th degree.


The universal legacy was put in charge of the particular legacies, of which that of Mrs. Viellard.  The universal legatees had been put in possession by the order of the Civil Tribunal of la Seine on the day of October 5th, 1936.



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