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Our organic farm

Laetitia and Valentin are the managers of the Park’s farm.  In 1999 the farm of the Manor of the Park was, like the rest of the property, in complete ruins.  Since 1999, the task has been tough to reconstruct a farming operation that is presentable!


In addition to the 52 hectare lands of the Park grouped around the manor, today we farm around 100 hectare of prairies and dunes, all of which are in the municipality of Saint-Lo d’Ourville, in large part the property of the coastal conservatory.  Among these the remarkable belt of the Lindbergh sand dunes to the south of the Grise harbor, baptized with the name of the famous aviator by a real estate developer who wished, in the 30’s, to turn this remarkable area into a giant leisure resort.  He thought to take advantage of the popularity of the “Conqueror of the Atlantic” and tried to convince people that Lindbergh had landed on French ground above the dunes of Saint-Lo d’Ourville.  It was a deception; Lindbergh flew over La Hague then Cherbourg to fly towards Le Bourget.

The dune belt of Lindbergh beach, property of the coastal conservatory, is a vast ensemble of 177 hectares in which the variety of flora and fauna is exceptional.


A vast enclosed space of 77 hectares, open to walking, allows our goats and sheep to graze freely for a large part of the year.  In this way they maintain the dune belt by limiting the growth of vegetation and at the same time find feeding that is of an ideal variety.  Some young bovines are also tolerated on the site.


Opposite is television coverage on just such a policy for maintaining wild land done by the Symel (Syndicat Mixte des Espaces Litoraux, or, in English, the Joint Association of Coastal Areas, who manage the areas owned by the coastal conservatory).  This report talks about the dunes of Biville, which are similar to those of Lindbergh.