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The Interior of the Lord’s Residence

Today, from the great room in the style of a medieval “hall” there only remains a room of modest dimensions in which the great, monumental fireplace appears to be disproportionate.  The level of the floor was raised and an intermediary level was built.  Joined to the fireplace are doors letting out onto the big tower of the posterior façade, which contains a spiral staircase, and onto what once was a storeroom.  This whole cellar part was destroyed in the 50’s.

Today it is, after restoration work has been done, the residence of Valentin and Laetitia Giard.  The staircase and the coating of the tower are still intact.  The lintels of the doors were decorated with the remnants of the coats of arms of the families who held the fief and were burned during the revolution.

In ascending the staircase, you arrive a little bit before the first level, just before the door to the lord’s chamber, at the remains of an opening looking into the ancient great hall.

This view allowed the Lord to see what was happening in the great hall from the landing of his chamber, and, if necessary, to fire on some unwanted guest.

Between these two doors, a small cow’s head decorates the junction of the two arches.  The main staircase ends in an access to the attic and to another spiral staircase, of small proportions, leading to a small lookout room on the last level of the tower offering a panoramic view on the surrounding countryside.

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