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The Large Barn

The barn is a building of vast height and proportions.  It is a symbol of the wealth and power of the lord.  It is located at the entranceway of the lordly house in order to impress the little folk accustomed to buildings of a small size.  You can see in this building the mode of construction of the masons from the Park site: the foundations are practically nonexistent and the buildings rest directly on the emerging rock.

Inside, you can see a very beautiful structure, redone identically after the fire of 2007 that completely ravaged the building.  The walls are penetrated by scaffolding holes, which remained open in order to aerate the harvest.

This barn and its accompanying buildings were converted into a working Farm Inn (a restaurant serving farm products) from 1998-2000 and continued to run in this capacity until 2007 when a fire completely destroyed these buildings which had finally just been finished!

We concentrated our efforts on the restoration of these buildings destroyed in 2007.  We turned two into holiday cottages, which you can find in the holiday cottage section under “Bacchus Cottage” and “Philippeau Cottage”.


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