Annexes, Owner’s of Ourville Park.

Summary, Annexes owners of the Park since 1998.

Family tree of the Coquoin family


Biographical Note


Coquoin Family Tree


Annexes, Owners of Ourville Park.

Biographical notes.


The Coquoin family came to be established at Bricquebec in the first quarter of the XVIIIth century by the marriage of Francois Coquoin to Magdeleine Anquetil, on November 25th, 1726.


For two generations, the Coquoin family is present in the merchant spheres of Bricquebec, notably in the ironworking professions.


This family produced, in the second have of the XVIIIth century, the last prior, vicar of Ravenoville (vicarage dependent on the abbey of Blanchelande) in the person of Jean-Antoine Coquoin, born in Bricquebec April 21, 1731, deceased the 8th of Nivose year IV (2), at the age of 65.


  1. The social evolution of the Coquoin family is due to Jean-Francois. He studied law and became a lawyer in Bricquebec.  He was born on September 5th, 1757 in Bricquebec to Jean-Francois Coquoin and Marie Roquier and would become lieutenant in the Valognes elections and lawyer in the jurisdiction of Valognes, captain of a company of grenadiers of the national guard of Bricquebec from 1790-1793.

On November 23rd, 1779, in Bricquebec, he married Cecile Victoire Adelaide Nicolle, daughter of Master Pierre Rene Guillaume Nicolle, Master of Anneville, lawyer and general farmer of the barony of Bricquebec, and of Marguerite Langlois.  Her mother, Marguerite Langlois, was the daughter of Jean Rene Langlois, lord of Taillis, receiver of the barony of Bricquebec.


He had two brothers-in-law:

-Louis Nicolas Toussaint Nicolle, lord of Plessis, lawyer, last fiscal owner of the barony of Bricquebec, who would become mayor of Bricquebec under the Restoration and would marry Anne Aimee Vattier, daughter of the last general receiver of the barony of Bricquebec.

-Jean Baptiste Nicolle, lord of Quesnel, lawyer, would become justice of the peace in Bricquebec during the Revolution until the Restoration.


His brother-in-law by marriage, Pierre Michel Lambert, husband of Bonne Marguerite Nicolle, sister of his wife, lawyer in the district of Bricquebec, was elected to the property management of the customary users of the forests of Bricquebec.


He bought Ourville Park in 1798, sold to him by Anne Eustache Rose Charlotte d’Osmond-Medavy.


He passed away on December 24th, 1831 at Surtainville Manor.  His wife Adelaide Cecile Victoire Nicolle*, who was born on November 22nd, 1757 in Bricquebec, died on August 1st, 1838 in Surtainville.


  1. Marie Adelaide Elisabeth, known as Isabelle, was born in Bricquebec on November 19th, 1780 and died single on July 31st, 1834 in Surtainville.
  2. Jean Francois Louis, known as Leon, Coquoin was born December 6th, 1781 in Bricquebec.  Lawyer, principal receiver of reunited rights, storer of tabacco in Charbourg marries on July 10th, 1811 in Valognes, Marie Bazile Virginie Heurtevent-Premer, daughter of Felix Joseph Heurtevent-Prmer (1747-1815), surgeon, mayor of Valognes from 1794-1800, and of Bonne Charlotte Mesnil (1758-1793).  He passed away on November 16th, 1833 in Cherbourg.
  3. Louis Mederic Coquoin, born on January 26th, 1783, in Bricquebec, lawyer, “Police commissioner for the tribunals, marries Pauline Victoire Henry.  Died April 4th, 1830, buried in the cemetery at Biville: on his tomb, one can easily read the inscription “Louis Mederic Coquoin-Police Commisioner for the tribunals-died April 4th, 1830 at the age of 47.”
  4. Charlotte Cecile Victoire Coquoin, born on December 3rd, 1784 in Bricquebec, died February 8th, 1867 at Treauville, wife of Francois Bernardin Sorel-Laviesville, receiver of Customs.
  5. Jean Felix Leon Coquoin, born in 1812, died at Valognes April 30th, 1882.  Member of the council of the fabric  of the church of Saint-Malo of Valognes in 1868.  In 1841 he marries Marie Rosalie Victoire Adelaide Adoubedent de Franqueville (1823-1892).
  6. Jean Francois Antonin (known as Francois Antoine Eugene) Coquoin, born November 13th, 1813 in Valognes, lawyer.  Married to Marie Leonie Bellet (born in 1826, died in Cherbourg on August 1st, 1855).  They are buried in the cemetery at Biville.

On the first headstone one can read (in the north section of the cemetery, corner of the vicars and chaplains of Biville):


“Here lies

the body of

Mr. Francois Antoine

Eugene Coquoin Lawyer

died in Cherbourg on December 22, 1847

in his 35th year.”



“Lord you have shown

great mercy to your servant

for he walked before you in truth

and in justice and always with an

upright heart.”

1 Kings 3, 6

On the neighboring tombstone:

Here lies the

Body of Mrs.

Marie Leonie Bellet

Wife of Mr. Eugene Coquoin

Died in Cherbourg

August 1st, 1855

in her 29th year.


She opened her hand to those disgraced

She held open her arms to the poor

Prov. XXI. 20

A great peace oh my Lord is the

Portion of those who

Love your law. Ps. CXVIII. 163

She died full of confidence in the Lord

II Macc. VII. 40

On the third tombstone it reads:

Here lies, buried among

The family she devotedly served

For 59 years,

Miss Virginie Pezet

Born in Tourlaville on

March 2nd, 1803

Died in Cherbourg on

October 10th, 1885


She did what was good, and right

And true in the presence of the Lord

Her God.  II Prov. XXXI. 20


She cared for the orphan (1)

She dried the tears of the widow (2)

Eccles. XXXV. 17


Old age is a crown

Of honor when you

Walk in the path of justice

Prov. XVI. 31


  1. Henri Coquoin
  2. Marie Leonie Bellet.



  1. Pauline Marie Victoire Coquoin, died on July 9th, 1868 in Passy.  Married in 1840 to Andre Gayard, Receiver of Finances, knight of the Legion of Honor.
  2. Marie Rosalie Mathilde Coquoin, born in Valognes in 1844, died October 26th, 1870 in Valognes.  Married to Oscar Theodore Villault-Duchesnois, born January 23rd, 1828 in Sully-sur-Loire, died in 1910 in Valognes.  Chief of secretary of the Senate in 1863, president of the tribunal of Blois in 1890.
  3. Henri Leon Coquoin: missionary priest of Biville.  Born in 1846, died July 24, 1910, buried in the cemetery of Biville (in the section for vicars and chaplains; the inscription on his tomb is nearly illegible).  Benefactor of charities and of the apostolic school of Biville.
  4. Andre Henri Gayard: born in 1841, died July 12th, 1906.  Married Jeanne Devic (born July 10th, 1855, died January 25, 1929).  Receiver of Finances in Loudeac.  In 1884, he donated a stained-glass window for the choir of the church in Biville: “The last communion of the blessed Thomas Helye”.
  5. Jean Rene Villault-Duchesnois: Born August 27th, 1870 in Valognes, died June 8th, 1944 during the bombardment of Valognes, under the staircase of his house on Poterie Street. Lawyer deputy prefect of Valognes (1897-1901), deputy for the district of Valognes (1901-1927), General counselor for the municipality of Valognes (1919-1940), senator of La Manche (1927-1941).  Married to Germaine Ollivier (born in 1883, died October 3, 1969 in Valognes).
  6. Marie Virginie Leonie Coquoin: Born January 28, 1820 in Valognes, died April 14, 1900 in Bricquebec.  Married in 1844 to Theophile Amantia Viel, Justice of the Peace, General counselor and mayor of Bricquebec.


  1. The numbers refer to the genealogy chart
  2. 8 Nivose year IV= December 29, 1795

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